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Your tie can make or break your outfit, especially on your wedding night. Imagine, walking down the aisle in your crisp black suit, newly-shined shoes and a green and yellow polka-dotted tie to match.

You can almost hear the gasps and groans of your wedding guests as soon as they focus onto the gaudy thing on your chest. Your wedding will surely be the talk of the town, but not because of the reasons you expected.

A tie is a piece of clothing worn around a man’s neck and made to lie on his chest. If you wear the right tie, it can make you feel like puffing up your chest and walking around the room like the true man that you are.

If you wear the wrong one, a tie can look like a noose wrung around your neck, just waiting to strangle you into loser-dom.

If you do want to put the limelight on your chest area during your wedding day without looking like a loser, try donning a twist tie. A twist tie is just what it is called: a tie with a twist.

The minimal twist in a twist tie gives it added definition, so your tie doesn’t just fall flat on your shirt like some flat triangular thing. Think of it as a buckle on your shoe or pleats on your pants. The twist gives extra body to your tie, and this in turn gives your chest area a boost.

Put on a twist tie and you’re sure to have your future bride tugging at it to get you into your honeymoon suite. There is a wide array of twist ties available in almost every men’s clothing store, so you can be sure to find one that goes well with your tuxedo.

Get advice from wedding couturiers as to what color and design you should pair with your wedding suit with. That way, you can add a twist to your wedding threads without looking twisted.

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