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Bridesmaid dresses are just one of the many kinds of formal dresses that women are likely to encounter in their lives and today we’re looking at suitable dresses for three different types of wedding parties.

1. Romantic and bright-colored bridesmaid dresses for personalized weddings
If the new couple is holding a personalized wedding, the bride is sure to wear something unique. So the bridesmaid dresses can be personalized styles too to coordinate with the theme. Bright and dazzling prints go well with a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and these cute elements may become life-long memories of the new couple.

Prints of flowers on bridesmaid dresses are suitable for summer weddings. The size of the flowers should not be too large, not only because the large size does not go well with certain figures (such as petite or curvy), but also because over large flowers may draw too much attention away from the bride. If brides just wear simple accessories, those that bridesmaids wear should be simple too.

Since personalized weddings are usually relaxed, the color of bridesmaid dresses is allowed to be bright as long as it’s not brighter than the bride’s wedding dress. It should be in tune with the color of what the bride is wearing. And if brides wear simple wedding dresses, the design of the dresses should not be complicated too.

2. Exquisite bridesmaid dresses for outdoor weddings
The greenness of a lawn, or the blueness of the sea and sky will bring much warmth and fragrance to weddings. There is freedom outdoors, so there is no need to be a stickler for formal dresses and some casual and fashionable elements can be added to make the attendees’ dresses’ details exquisite.

There is loads of space outdoors so you’ll probably be walking around and so very formal dresses won’t be the most comfortable or practical choice. For bridesmaid dresses, this theory applies, too. There can be paillettes, lace and have dedicated waist belts as decorations. The fabric of the dresses would better be cotton or true silk to make them high-quality and comfortable for outside where it could be hot (if it’s summer or on the beach which are the most popular times for outdoor weddings).

3. Decent and elegant bridesmaid dresses for solemn weddings
When she answers “yes”, this simple moment becomes a promise of eternity. Many romantic couples choose a very elegant, classical wedding. All people will be moved by this traditional, but classical-for-ever ceremony. So to witness this solemn time, bridesmaid dresses should also be decent and elegant to show respect.

Traditional formal weddings are usually held in hotels or churches. Elders and betters are invited, so bridesmaid dresses should be appropriate for this time. Obviously high-quality fabric is a must. The color needs to be mild. It’s wise to keep a low profile and decorous and not expose too much of the body, or else it will steal the show from the bride and draw disapproving looks from the elders.

For thin bridesmaids, there can be some cascade or pleat designing on the dress to give a better ‘look’ or silhouette. On the other hand, curvy bridesmaids will benefit from dresses with V-necks and sleeves which can make their necks look slender. A-line and Empire dresses will also offer them a great, defined shape.

Of course there may be other types of weddings, but no matter what difference there is the key point to be sure of having great bridesmaid dresses is to coordinate with the occasion and keep the spotlight on the brides. After all, they’re the stars of weddings.

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